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Porous ceramic material is a composite ceramic material which has a porous structure in the middle of the sintering process. The porous ceramic material, which is developed by TopTek, uses the unique material compound ratio and the advanced ceramic production technology, makes the ceramic material in the same time, it can keep the high strength, and can adjust the micro hole size and the porosity according to the customer's actual demand.
"Porous alumina ceramics contain minute pores and based on alumina.This porous alumina ceramics contain a lot of minute pores.It has great absorption, so it can absorb perfume, fragrant oil, and air freshener. In this case, It is lasting."

Strong Point
it has a porosity of 55%
This is 35% of water absorption, so it can absorb much liquid and keeps a long time.
We can shape to assorted sizes. For example, a square plate, a disk, a pole, a spherical shape, a tube, and more.
White color
Absorb any kind of perfume or fragrance.
Porous ceramics is able to absorb germicide for sterilization item.
Porous ceramics is able to absorb only oil content from a solution if you want to do. In this case, we will special manage on it.
Porous ceramics can be catalyzer which is able to metallic process.
Porous ceramics can be a filter for liquid or gas.

The colour is consistant in white or black, no foreign colour mixed.

Product strength is high, the compressive strength is above 600MPa

The space size is uniform and the range is small, usually in a few tens of microns.

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