TopTek was started by material and mechincal engineers. We will definetly improve all aspects based on our professional experience at material selection, component designing and application guiding.Developing together with you and helping you reach your targets are always one of our key principles.Our experienced engineer group members are glad to share with you about designing, molding, sintering, fine machining and application depends on your requirements.Do not hesitate to contact Advanced Ceramics Expert for amazing solutions.

Some General Guidelines

1. In general, the less we do to the ceramic part after it is sintered, the less it cost. Here is a list of the processing after sintering in order of cost increasing to ceramic part.





2. The different choice of machining also cause the different cost of ceramic part. Below there is a list of machining operations in order of cost increasing to ceramic part.

a.Avoid sharp internal corner and undercut to save the cost and away from stress riser.

b. Avoid knife edge features, because the brittleness of the ceramics.

c. Provide radius and chamfer on each edge to prevent from chipping whenever possible.

d.Tight tolerance causes expensive cost.

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